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  • Version: 1.20.50

Turn Youtube into Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is the latest and greatest craze but it's not just some passing fad it's here to stay. And why should YouTube be any different? With YouTube VR you can turn your Android device into a conduit to view every video on every channel into virtual reality. Jump into the action with this free application today!

Virtual Reality for Everything

Once a topic for science fiction discussions now virtual reality is invading every space in the modern world. YouTube is just one more area where virtual reality is extending a hand because why shouldn't you be able to view all your favorite videos in a VR setting? Lean back and watch as your videos stay front and center in front of you eyes with lists and controls displayed to the left and right of the main screen. Immerse yourself in YouTube like never before with YouTube VR.

Interactive Controls

YouTube VR puts you in control the way that you like best. You have the option to use either voice commands for hands free control or else you can use your keyboard to control your video feeds like you're used to. The choice is up to you. No matter how you choose to control this application the immersive experience is bound to astound!


  • View each YouTube video on the internet into your own private Virtual Reality experience
  • Intuitive controls allow you to control with either voice or keyboard controls


  • Not compatible with older mobile devices requires VR hardware
  • Does not turn the videos themselves into Virtual Reality

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YouTube VR


YouTube VR 1.20.50 for Android

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